Your Business Could Be Hiding 20-25% Of Its Profits From You - Let Me Show You The Fastest Way To Access That Hidden Cash...

Here’s the Exact Financial Blueprint I Use to Help My Clients Find At Least 25% MORE PROFIT 

The point of business is to make a profit. 
Here’s how to do that no matter your current revenues. 

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I'll show you how I consistently add 20 - 25% more profit to my client's businesses through a simple, practical shift in the way we structure their business finances (that doesn’t just rely on more #hustle).

Discover the entire 4-part system in my book, Profit on Purpose: The 4 Pillars That Make Your Business a Profit Machine.

The Key to “More Profit” in Your Business is NOT Just More Sales, More Marketing, or More Cost-Cutting...

Hey fellow business owner/entrepreneur,

If you’re reading this, then it probably means you’re in the same frustrating position many other small business owners and entrepreneurs are finding themselves in right now...

You went into business to do what you love, to help other people, and of course, to make money (there’s no shame in admitting it!)…

Your business is probably doing pretty well too - the sales are coming in and your customers are happy…

Joel Thunborg
Your Guide to Higher Profits

Joel Thunborg
Your Guide to Higher Profits

Hey fellow business owner/entrepreneur,

If you’re reading this, then it probably means you’re in the same frustrating position many other small business owners and entrepreneurs are finding themselves in right now...

You went into business to do what you love, to help other people, and of course, to make money (there’s no shame in admitting it!)…

Your business is probably doing pretty well too - the sales are coming in and your customers are happy…
But when you look at your balance sheet at the end of the month, you’re left wondering:

“Where did all my profit go?”

Maybe it just got put towards staff expenses?

Maybe it got buried amongst all your material and goods costs?

Maybe it’s just one of the “necessary evils” of a growing business?

Whatever it is, there should be a lot more left over in your pocket - but there isn’t.

So what do you do?

You just try and sell more stuff.

You market your brains out, trying to get more business through the door (and profit into your pocket).

You may even go on a cost-cutting spree, sacrificing things you actually do need just to try and bump up those numbers on the bottom line of your balance sheet.

And yet, despite your best efforts, you barely seem to be any better off than before. 

(And let me tell you, there’s nothing more demoralizing than going into business with the allure of “unlimited profit potential”...only to realize that you’re taking home fractionally more than you might do at a typical 9-5 job...)

But I do have some good news:

It’s NOT your fault.

But not the kind of “Hey, it’s not your fault!” way that internet marketers love to say so they can butter you up before they sell you something...

Like, literally - this is NOT your fault.

It’s highly likely you (or whoever does your accounts) is following a system called the GAAP - the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


You take your revenue, then subtract the Cost of Goods Sold, operating expenses, and any other outgoings you need to factor in.

Then you account for things like taxes, depreciation, amortization and the rest.

Then finally, at the bottom of your income statement, you have the leftovers that we affectionately refer to as “Profit.”

But here’s the thing:

Profit is NOT simply your “leftovers,” and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

Profit is not an accident.

Profit is not just a pleasant surprise that might happen at the end of the month.

And Profit is definitely not just a “someday” goal that comes as an optional extra as part of your business.

Profit is a choice.

And with just a simple shift in the way you manage the money and calculate the profit in your business, you could unlock 20-25% (or more) worth of that “hidden” profit that is currently going uncollected every month.

Which means you could:

  • Start taking home potentially thousands more profit every single month, without simply relying on more sales and hustle...
  • Experience more predictability in the salary you pay yourself, and say goodbye “earnings yo-yos” for good (Spoiler: Your Profit and your Salary are NOT the same thing)...
  • Be 100% confident in your ability to pay up when the taxman comes-a-knockin’ (no last minute scrambling needed)...
  • ​And be safe in the knowledge that you’re covered for ANY emergency that may come up in your business.
And the best part?

It’s possible to do all of the above in just 25 days, just by following the simple-yet-effective strategy of building 4 “Profit Pillars” into your business that can turn it into a profit machine.

It all begins with simply being more intentional about how you manage the cash in your business, and making the simple decision to profit on purpose.


Profit On Purpose: The 4 Pillars That Make Your Business A Profit Machine

On this page, you can pick up this neat little book I wrote called Profit on Purpose: The 4 Pillars That Make Your Business a Profit Machine.

You’ll discover all about a simple, 4-part strategy for structuring your business’ finances that could help you put an extra 20-25% more profit in your pocket every single month.

It’s a method you can literally implement in just 25 days, too.
Be warned:

It’s not flashy.

Your friends probably won't be impressed by it.

But it works.

You can pick up the book for $5 on this page, and I really think you’ll find it useful.

Here’s Some of the Awesome Stuff You’ll Discover Within Profit on Purpose:

  • ​​How to add 20-25% (or more) profit to your business just by building it around the 4 key “Profit Pillars”...
  • My fail-safe strategy for being prepared for any tax bill that comes your way...
  • ​​A handy “rule of thumb” for quickly (and predictably) calculating your Salary as the business owner…
  • ​​The 3 basic principles behind every Profit Pillar that can turn your business into a cash-generating machine…
  • The difference between Profit and Salary and how to figure out which to pay yourself with...
  • ​My 4-Part “Cash Continuum” of calculating an emergency fund that safely protects your business..
  • ​​How to ensure you never have to choose between “Achieving Growth” or “Being Profitable” again…
  • ​Why simply having an accountant or bookkeeper isn’t enough if your goal is higher profits...
  • My 6-step game plan for putting your Profit Pillars to work and increasing your profits within weeks of implementation...
  • ​The 5-Minute “Rapid Analysis” exercise that instantly determines your suggested allocation of Profit, Taxes, Salary, and Emergency Reserves...
  • ​​The “snowball” strategy you can use to take your business from 1% profit margins to 25% margins (or more) in less than 30 days...
  • ​The difference between Business Credit and Business Debt, and how to wisely use either to grow your business...
  • ​The ONLY 2 instances where you should use Credit to fund your business...
  • ​​What Profit IS, and what profit ISN’T (Hint: It’s not just “leftovers,” and it’s definitely no accident)...
  • ​How to create an achievable, sustainable Profit game plan that serves you and your business and life goals...
  • A 15-minute exercise to calculate the revenues and Profit targets needed to support your financial goals…
  • ​​My “Think Like an Investor” philosophy when creating your plan for higher profits...
  • ​​Why the key to higher Profits in your business is more about “hacking” your psychology than simply chasing higher revenues...
  • The “Gym Bro” mentality that many business owners accidentally operate under that makes their business dangerously weak at its foundations...
  • ​The #1 mistake you can make when paying your taxes (which can actually prevent you from even buying a home)...
  • ​​My neat little trick for making it virtually impossible to NOT have enough cash set aside for tax return time (Spoiler: It’s more than just “setting aside a percentage of revenues” beforehand…)
  • ​The “Hire Yourself” method for calculating an owner’s salary if you want to take a step back from your business...
  • How to pay off any business debt as fast as possible (whilst still having cash left over for “fun stuff”)...
  • ​The optional-but-recommended component that’s often missing from many Business Owners’ Profit Pillars...
  • My final word of advice on building a Profit game plan that works for your business...
  • ​...And a whole lot more.

Plus One More Free BONUS Chapter…

BONUS CHAPTER: How to Get a Mortgage as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, or Self-Employed Person

Here’s the dealio:

Getting a mortgage as a business owner/self-employed individual is often a lengthy, confusing, and very stressful process.

Lenders will usually ask you for a mountain of documents, from personal tax returns to profit and loss statements, and everything in between.

It’s a process that can take years.

And while at times it can feel like the Mortgage Gods are actively working against you, there are luckily a lot of things you can do to make the whole process a lot smoother, and in some cases, faster too…

(In fact, IF you’re well prepared enough, this process can take as little as 2 weeks...)

In this bonus chapter of the book, I’ll share with you my best tips and suggested guidelines to follow that can help make the mortgage application process:
  • A whole lot easier;
  • A whole lot less stressful;
  • And provide you with a much better chance of successfully securing a mortgage in the shortest time possible.
After spending 5 years as a mortgage advisor working with many entrepreneurs in various different situations, you can think of these strategies as my “Insider Tips.”

If you’ve got a mortgage application coming up on the horizon, then this bonus chapter is dedicated especially for you.

Please note: The information shared in this bonus chapter is based on the underwriting guidelines in the USA only.

The Big Question You May Be Asking: “Can this work for my business?”

Here’s my answer:

You betcha.

Here’s the reason:

You won’t be treating Profit as an afterthought like many businesses do.

Instead, you’ll be making a conscious effort to ensure that Profit is a built-in, non-negotiable component of your business (as much as things like Payroll or Taxes are).

This isn’t some voodoo, Law of Attraction stuff where if you think about profit more it’ll just appear one day...

No - this is about being intentional about the way you structure your business’ finances to make sure they’re properly set up to help you achieve your financial goals.

Even if you’ve got low margins, and even if you’ve never turned a profit before, this is designed to work for your business.

(In fact, I’ll show you how you can start with as little as 1% profit margins, and slowly bump that up to 20-25% over time...)

And once you’ve got your Profit Pillars in place?

You can just keep doing business as usual, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always have a nice chunk of profit to enjoy at the end of the month.

Whether your margins are high, whether they’re low, or whether they feel like they don’t even exist at the moment, this book is designed to help you create an effective, sustainable Profit game plan that helps to consistently put more business profit in your pocket.

Here's My Guarantee:

I’m giving you a whole year to read the book and try out the strategies for yourself.

That’s 365 days to read (and re-read) the book and decide whether you’ve found it useful or not.

If you find that it hasn’t been helpful, not to worry.

Just shoot me an email at and I’ll refund you the $5 ASAP.

No harm, no foul.

Sound fair?

Here's a Summary for Those Who Just Skipped to the Bottom

Here’s What You Need to Know...

Your business is likely missing out on an extra 20-25% more profit every month, and you may not even realize it.

It’s also likely just a result of the way you (or your accountant) calculates your profit and manages the business’ finances.

But with just a simple shift in the way you manage that cash, you could start consistently taking home that extra 20-25% profit in as little as 25 days.

(You won’t have to simply resort to more hustle or extreme cost-cutting to do it either...).

To help you design your own 25-day Profit game plan for your business, I wrote a short book.

It costs $5, and covers the everything you need to know about turning your business into a profit machine over the next 25 days.

The book also comes with a 365-day refund guarantee.

This isn’t a flashy system.

It won't impress your friends.

But it works.

(And it’s designed to work for any business, for that matter).

You can pick up the book for $5 using the button below.

About The Author

Joel Thunborg is an unashamed, self-confessed finance geek (Personal Finance, Business Finance - the whole shebang).

After spending 5 years as a mortgage advisor helping entrepreneurs and business owners to secure home loans, Joel discovered that there’s a lot more to the “Business Finance” side of things that many business owners don’t know about.
Since then, it’s been Joel’s proud mission to help entrepreneurs and business owners make more money, keep more money, and build their business in a way that fully achieves their financial goals.

Joel enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.
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