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Everything You Need To Build Your First Profitable Funnel
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The Easiest Funnel You’ll Ever Build!
Hi, I’m Joel, I help coaches, consultants, freelancers, and service providers get more clients and make more money using super simple systems.
I’ve been noticing a shift in the markets for a while:
Lower show-up rates for webinars…
Ad costs skyrocketing…
More competition, making it harder to stand out…
All of these changes are making it VERY hard to get clients and scale high-ticket offers. 
Long story short…
… the old way of getting great customers and clients no longer works!
I realized that the main problem with selling services and offers is that most people were STARTING the sales conversation by giving something away for FREE! 

Whether it was a lead magnet or an invitation to watch a “case study”, more and more of my friends were complaining about the “freebie seekers” and how their sales conversions were dropping. 
That’s why I developed the M7 Method...
My M7 Rapid Growth System is the SIMPLEST way I know to rapidly build a list of customers, and then move those customers into sales conversations, so you can sell them your premium services, such as your “done-for-you” offer.
Even if you don’t plan on selling high-ticket services… this simple system can still produce up to 2x, 3x, even 4x returns because it relies on the power of one simple concept…

How To Get 2x Return From This Funnel
...Even If You Don’t Have A Client Offer
Here’s a brand new funnel launched just 2 days ago (at the time of this writing) following the exact system I'm sharing with you here today:
We launched that funnel with ZERO audience... 

... with a brand NEW untested offer... 

... this funnel has ZERO “back-end” (no phone calls, no upsell, no course, no webinar, no selling to an email list)... 

... and we aren't even close to maximizing scale (aka: it's only the second full day). 
Here’s another we launched just 12 days ago…
Here’s one that’s about two months old and continuing to scale…
Here’s another funnel just like this one that had 2 REALLY good days in a row…
Launching funnels like this can be easily repeated because of the 4 simple pages these funnels use to grow and scale quickly.
(Don’t worry, I’ll give you templates for these pages to get you set up even faster!)

Get Yourself A Funnel Just Like Mine By 
Swiping My Training, Templates, & More!

Introducing: The M7 Method

NO Complicated Tech Systems - NO More “Ad Budget” Required
NO Expert Knowledge Needed - NO Copywriting Experience Required

A Complete “Funnel In A Box”!

  • Get immediate access to the complete “M7 Rapid Growth System” - my step-by-step training, templates, and more on how to create a simple, profitable funnel.
  • ​ALSO INCLUDING: my “already done for you” funnel pages - all you have to do is customize your offer and you’re good to go!
  • ​Inside the 9-module video course, you'll learn:
  • The ONLY 4 web pages you actually need - no more wasting time setting up complicated systems. I’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to create a profitable funnel - even if you’re a complete newbie! (You’ll be amazed how little you need!)
  • How to consistently get new premium customers using my “WHDFY” formula and exactly WHERE to use it for stress-free sales.
  • ​The 3 different types of clients (and why you should only be focusing on ONE if you want peaceful profits)…
  • The most important asset you need to create for your first funnel… and how it automatically helps beat price resistance and shield you from rejection!
  • How to get your customers to sell themselves on you and your products. I’ll show you the exact psychological “sales levers” you need to pull (don’t worry, they’re built into the M7 system)…
  • How to automatically filter out “freebie seekers” and “tyre kickers”, so you only spend time talking to premium clients...
  • ​The simplest (and easiest) way to create “quick wins” for your clients, so they trust you (and are ready to hear your premium offers) right from the get-go!
  • ​Why most people struggle to sell high-ticket offers and how to avoid falling in the same traps…
  • ​Where to find a very special set of dream clients who are 16 TIMES MORE LIKELY to buy your high-ticket offers…
  • … and much more besides (including, for a limited time, my downloadable “Done-For-You” funnel)!

Here’s EXACTLY What’s Covered In
Each Of The 9 Video Modules:

  • Introduction - I’ll introduce you to the system, and exactly what we’re going to cover in the M7 Method.
  • The Key Ingredient - You’ll learn about the three different types of customers and why you should only sell to ONE of those!
  • ​The 4 “Magical” Pages - Funnels don’t have to be complicated! You’ll learn the only four web pages you need to create a successful (i.e., PROFITABLE!) funnel. I’ll also give you FREE TEMPLATES for each of these pages, making it even easier!
  • The WHDFY Formula - I’ll show you how to create the perfect structure for your funnel, using just these five letters!
  • ​Why This Works For Everyone - Think this wouldn’t work for YOUR business? I’ll show you why it does (HINT: it’s a psychological thing, not a market thing!).
  • Hidden Benefits Of The System - Aside from being a customer (and profit) generating machine, I’ll show you how you can use the M7 Method to automatically eliminate nightmare customers and help you banish your fear of rejection!
  • How To Use The “Rapid Growth System” To Build A Successful Business - I‘ll show you how the entire system fits together (including the TWO most important questions you need to ask before you create ANYTHING!).
  • Recap - I realise there’s a lot of information in this program, so I make it REALLY easy for you to use, by recapping the entire “Rapid Growth System” process for easier learning.
  • ​What’s Next? - Information is useless without action, right? I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do next to start you on your path to creating a profitable funnel!
  • ​Where to find a very special set of dream clients who are 16 TIMES MORE LIKELY to buy your high-ticket offers…
  • PLUS - You’ll get “fill-in-the-blank” style templates for all the webpages you’ll need to create.
  • Ready-made emails you can send (including autoresponder sequences that win back “lost” customers).
  • A sales page template that saves you THOUSANDS of dollars in copywriting fees.
  • ​A “Video Sales Letter” script that takes all the worry and stress out of appearing on camera…
  • And best of all…
  • Complete, Already Made “Done-For-You Funnel” pages - all you have to do is customize your offer and you’re done - simple as that!

to The M7 Method For Just:


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  • Secure Checkout
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Get Proven To Convert “Fill-In-The-Blank” Templates For Every Page Of Your Funnel

  • Not only do you get the video walkthroughs of the entire process, I’ll also give you all tools and “fill-in-the-blank” templates for EVERYTHING you need to create for your own “Customer Acquisition Machine”…
  • That includes scripts and templates for:
  • Optin Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • ​Order Pages
  • ​Thank You Emails
  • Thank You Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Video Scripts
  • ​Autoresponder Sequence

For a Limited Time Get

The ENTIRE M7 Rapid Growth System

Templates, Training, Toolkit, and more!

Only $27

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  • ​Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Secure Checkout
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Everything You Need To Build A Profitable Funnel
… More Easily And Quickly Than You Could Ever Imagine!

The best thing about this funnel (apart from the profit it creates!) is that it moves your customers so they’re primed for your premium offers.

You don’t have to do anything to make this work. Just follow my system and the funnel does all the hard work for you!
When I say this is the easiest funnel you’ll ever build, I mean it…

You don’t even have to follow the training to build your profitable funnel because - for a limited time - I’ll send you a complete set of 
“already-done-for-you” pages you can swipe.

All you have to do is plug in your offer and you’re all set!

The M7 system does all the hard work for you - that’s the real beauty behind it.
Once you’ve set it in motion, it will keep working on its own - attracting dream customers - allowing you to do the fun things you never had time for before.
I guide you through the whole system, so even if you’re new to the world of online marketing, don’t worry - I explain everything you need to create your own Client-Getting Machine!
No tech jargon here!
Sometimes, even with a step-by-step guide, it is difficult to know what to write.
That’s why I’ve included templates for EVERYTHING you’ll need to create for your funnel.
I’ve got templates for all the sales pages, thank you pages, and optins you’ll need, so you won’t be left guessing!
They say that the “fortune is in the follow-up,” right?
Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered too. I’ll give you the exact templates I use to follow up with clients to maximise the amount of sales I make with the least amount of effort.
No more struggling with writer’s block or wondering what to say - I’ve got you!

BONUS #1 - Downloadable Done-For-You Funnel

In order to help you expedite this entire process, and get your funnel up ASAP, I’ve built an easy-to-customize funnel that you can download with one click and start driving traffic to ASAP! 

Simply fill out the copy templates that I provide, add them to the pre-built funnel that I’ve provided (takes less than 25 minutes), and you’re done! 

It literally can’t be ANY more simple to build your own acquisitions funnel… and all this for only $27! 

BONUS #2 - The 9-Point Perfect Email Audit

Write Emails That Get Clients Begging To Hire You!

Get ready to take your marketing emails from passive to profitable so you can start creating reliable sales with every email you send…

After you get the Rapid Growth System up and running, your email list will be growing daily. 

Which means you should be connecting with those subscribers daily, growing relationships, and putting your offers out there to sell. 

This is why I’ll show you exactly what goes into an email that gets clients begging to hire you!

Inside this NO-COST bonus, you’ll discover…
  • The 9 elements of email that get future clients excited to reach out (and why your emails haven’t been as effective as you'd hoped so far)... 
  • The 4 critical aspects of a subject line that DEMANDS to be opened (and the one you’re most likely missing, every time)...
  • ​How the “9-Point Perfect Email” works across ALL industries, niches, and audiences (these 9 key points are universally effective)...
...And so much more!

With the “9-Point Perfect Email Audit” you’ll know exactly what emails you need to send to your future clients that will get them reaching out, asking for help, and, more importantly…


30-Minute Strategy Call

Want me to personally help you create your own customer acquisition machine?

Want to discover how to apply EVERYTHING – all the templates, tools, and trainings – you’re about to get to YOUR business? 


Let’s meet 1-on-1 and I’ll help you make it happen – at ZERO cost! 

This no-cost strategy session is included when you order the M7 Rapid Growth System Customer Attraction Toolkit TODAY! 

You’ll be able to book your strategy call with me right after you order. We’ll meet on a web chat for about 30 minutes after you’ve had the chance to look through everything. 

Let’s make this happen! 

Just so you know: This bonus strategy session will NOT be here forever – when my schedule gets booked full, it’ll vanish from this page, so…

… if you want me to help you create your own customer acquisition machine - the kind that attracts 20-50 dream clients every single day…

Don’t miss out - ACT NOW!

For A Limited Time Get

The ENTIRE M7 Rapid Growth System

All the training, templates, toolkits you need to create…

The Easiest Funnel 
You’ll Ever Build!

Including (For Limited Time Only)...
“Already-done-for-you” Pre-built Funnel Pages

Only $27
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  • ​Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Secure Checkout
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
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I Almost Forgot!
This is a 100% Risk-Free Purchase. 
Let’s Keep it Simple…Ok?
Access the “M7 Rapid Growth System” for just $27 today…
… spend the next 364 days test-driving it in your own business…

… and if you’re not happy with it for any reason, simply shoot me an email on the 365th day (or before) and I’ll refund every penny.

What you stand to gain is absolutely priceless, and now you can gain with zero risk to you.

Sound fair?

Great! Just hit that button below that says “Yes, I Want This!”
"To do this, do I need to spend money on ads?"
This system does require the use of paid advertising. I get that the thought of spending money on paid ads doesn’t feel all that amazing.
The difference here is that you’re not paying money to build another dead-end list that goes nowhere.
Remember - you’re buying CUSTOMERS - people who are going to buy your offer.
You start out small (even as small as $1/day) and as future clients buy, they’ll actually be paying to be on your email list.
From there, you can make higher priced offers to them.
That process is what pays for the ad spend.
As a result, the ads end up costing little to nothing.
Do I need to already have an email list?

There is no need to have an email list to begin with.
Is this “scalable” (AKA: Will it grow with my business)?
Because this is about asking for $7-$27 upfront from people, you’re able to use paid traffic to scale QUICKLY without worrying about "cost per sale".

Here's what I mean:

Whenever I put up one of these lower priced offers, I always run paid traffic to it to sell as many as possible per day.

Sometimes, I spend $100 in ads and make back around $100 in sales within the same day. That's OK with me, because what I'm really after is those customers turning into clients. That's where the margin is.

Sometimes though, I might spend $100 and make $150 or $200 in sales.

So now...

The game has changed entirely.

Not only am I adding customers to my business every single day... some of whom will turn into clients... but now I've added a SECOND income stream into my business.

Win. Win. Win. As Michael Scott would say.

And it truly has been a win for my business.

Because now, with this additional stream of revenue, I can become even MORE picky about who I work with.

So, here's what we've got working with this system:

Step 1. I create a smaller priced offer and price it at $7-$27

Step 2. I run ads to it

Step 3. I sell a BUNCH of the $7-$27 offers

Step 4. Sometimes I profit off those sales, but more importantly, 10% of those customers book a call with me and it cost me "nothing" to get that call

Step 5. I close 83% of those booked calls as high-end clients

Rinse and repeat. The system works 24/7.
What if I can’t do this on my own?
Look, I’ve got you.

Don’t forget - a no-cost 1-on-1 strategy session is included as a bonus.

I’ll help you work through the Customer Attraction Toolkit step by step and discover how to apply everything – all the templates, tools, and training – you’re about to get to your business and service.

You’ll be able to book your strategy call with me right after you order. We’ll meet on a web chat for about 30 minutes after you’ve had the chance to look through everything.

Let’s make this happen!

(Just so you know: This bonus strategy session will NOT be here forever – when my schedule gets booked full, I take it off this page, so act fast if you’d like extra help - or a little additional motivation to get this customer attraction system set up and running).
What if this isn’t for me?
A 100% money-back guarantee is included.
All it takes is a simple email to let me know: “Hey, Not for Me.”

The guarantee is good for 1 full year.
I have a different question.
Feel free to reach out and ask any question!

My email address is

Are You Ready To Get 20-50 New Clients Every Single Day With My M7 “Funnel-in-a-box” System?
Just $27
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  • ​Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ​Privacy Protected
  • Secure Checkout
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